November 2, 2021 - January 9, 2022

In Everything, the cardboard puppet scenes, discovered in a dark corner of the Bread & Puppet Museum in Glover, Vermont, have to do with encounters in and impressions from childhood. Halpert grew up in proximity to these tableaux. They have to do, among other hopes and things, with Vermont and a certain generation and make of person who engaged aspirationally with craft, community, politics, and economy. They have to do with where we come from and where we might be going, with whom. In addition to the two photographs, there is also a spare wooden dollhouse, a home with a few features, including a tall antenna broadcasting a short-range pirate radio that aurally captures examples of private communal relations that feed a life in art. Tune in, on-site, to 100.1FM.

Wall works:

#1 (everything), 2021
Archival inkjet print, artist frame
48 x 24"

#2 (is fine), 2021
Archival inkjet print, artist frame
48 x 24"

house, 2021
Found objects, pastel, artist frame
25 x 33 x 14"

kokomo spot, 2021
Transmitter, sound, 100.1FM
500 ft. radius, 30 minutes

Weekend guest radio spots:

November 14-15 Melchizedek Levi

November 20-21 Ren Ebel

November 27-28 Karlynne Ejercito

December 4-5 Jasminne Morataya

December 11-12 Aram Moshayedi

December 18-19 Dirk Knibbe

December 25-26 Filip Kostic

January 1-2 Fiona Connor