random DOT composition, 2011
9.5 inch circles on 20 x 8 foot wall
Retroreflective media
(*optimally viewed at night with a flashlight)

welcome home

some thoughts on my work, random DOT composition, made for The Finley.

the dots are what is.
the dots have never been arranged as words.
the dots have never been arranged as images.

Eli Langer, Los Angeles 2011

Light reflects directly back to its source according to the angle of incidence. Out of the recessed darkness of the garage there is an electric luminosity that shines back to your eyes only. The optics of Eli Langer's semi-subterranean installation calls for a private, one-on-one relationship between seeing subject and seen object. In the right light, at the right time, these retroreflective dots locate sweet spots in viewing.