THE FINLEY is an experiment in everyday, lay looking.
It is optimistically curious about new contexts for serious art.
It relocates art viewing to a specifically in-between private-public communal space.
It commits to locality.
It re-scrambles art viewing demographics.
Its proposition cites as support Lozano's idea to mount a show for her neighbors.
It fulfills my idea to mount a show for myself.
THE FINLEY is about durations of several sorts:
the urban thinking time of pedestrian and drive-by transit;
the one-more-drop-in-the-bucket time of perceptual percolation;
the extended time of looking at something, like art, daily over the course of a couple months;
the habituating but perhaps detached experience of living with art but not owning it (and maybe not even knowing it);
and the questionable duration of the life of a gallery, whatever that is.
It is a vista point and sight-seeing platform.
It was founded in 2011 by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and Jeff Hassay.
THE FINLEY is a gallery that is neither commercial nor professional.
It devotes particular attention to artists without local representation.
THE FINLEY is open to the private community of tenants living in the Los Feliz Villas apartment building and their guests, but can be conveniently viewed by the public at any time of day or night through its streetfront window, from the designated viewing platform.
Note: Optimal street viewing from dusk to dawn.
FINLEY RADIO can be listened to in the neighborhood at 100.1FM and streamed from anywhere here on this website.